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Focus – A 5 Minute Meditation

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Get a room

This Wednesday at 7.05 Jill and Alan will be hosting a Facebook Room where you can join them for an interactive session. In the room you can chat with them about yoga poses, getting the best out of lovedoingyoga and maybe share your experience of the offering. We would also love to hear feedback and suggestions on what you would like going forward.

The room is in our Practice Group and access is limited to members.

Here is an idea:

You can sign up today, do yesterday’s practice at your leisure today, do the Yoga session tomorrow at 6 and join us in the room at 7:05pm


Short Practice – Gentle Flow

A nice slow flow to wake you up gently on a Sunday morning. Watch out for the spider at the start!

This was a sample practice we did on our Facebook page – we hope you enjoy it and see why we love doing yoga.

If you want regular great value Yoga sessions do consider becoming a patron of LoveDoingYoga.  For just €5 a month you can access 12 new  classes every month either live or at a time that suits you.


Try a LIVE Practice

This Sunday (Sept 27th) Love Doing Yoga are offering everyone an opportunity to sample a live 20 min yoga practice with Jill absolutely FREE. We will stream live to our facebook page at 10 am where anyone on Facebook can enjoy this event.

So find yourself a space on the floor where you can stream the practice on your device. Mat, Yoga block and water are extras you may consider important but don’t make excuses as to why you can’t try the practice.

Where: On our Facebook Page

When : Sunday, Sept 27th

Time: 10 am (IST)

This event is only available live to non patrons – it will be accessible to all our patrons on demand.

About Love Doing Yoga

Love Doing Yoga, which started in March 2020 during the COVID Lockdown, want to bring live regular yoga practice to women over 45. We stream live yoga every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The practices are accessible to patrons from just €5 per month. More details are here