Practice for Wednesday Aug 10th

We don’t put a link to all our practices here – for that you should check out our patreon page. But here is a link to our latest practice

LoveDoingYoga are based in Kilpedder, Co Wicklow and deliver Yoga online to the world via their patreon page. People can also access some of the practices for free on YouTube but be prepared to be delivered advertisements.


Our August Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Could you do four of our yoga sessions in the month?

It isn’t very difficult and it will improve your mobility and flexibility. Get your challenge started now by doing this practice. If you complete it you are 25 % into the challenge. Of course you don’t have to stop at 4, you could do 8 or 12.


Side stretch into the weekend
Our latest practice is due to Premiere on YouTube at 9pm this evening.

Sometime there is an issue embedding the YouTube Video – You can access it here also

Enjoy 30 minutes of Yoga that moves you gently into the weekend. It premieres on YouTube this evening at 9pm but patrons can do it now, ad free, on Patreon.


LoveDoingYoga want to deliver regular online Yoga to the world from their studio in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. The practice is aimed primarily to women over 45 but all are welcome to try and see if it is suitable for you. If you do enjoy tell your friends and maybe become a patron for just €5 per month.


Workout for legs

Enjoy this latest Yoga session form Greystones based LoveDoingYoga

Streamed from our Yoga Studio in Greystones, Co. Wicklow our latest practice is a lovely work out for your legs. You can enjoy it now for free on YouTube.

Wicklow Yoga Studio LoveDoingYoga are on a mission to deliver a regular Yoga practice to Women 45 plus.


Core Blimey

Here is a practice for the weekend. We hope you get a chance to enjoy it. It you do – do let us know. ❤️🧘‍♀️

Work your core and let LoveDoingYoga guide you through another lovely yoga practice.

We really hope you enjoy it. It is our objective to deliver yoga to women aged over 45. If you are not in that gender or age profile and enjoy the practice – that is super – keep coming.

The benefits of Yoga to everyone are well documented. It is not about being super bendy or double jointed – it is about bringing calm to your mind and a movement to your body.