New Yoga Practice – 1 Hour

Enjoy our latest practice here. Please note it includes some adverts from YouTube and a short embedded message from us. You can do all our sessions completely ad free by becoming a patreon for just €5 per month. In return we send you 12 practices direct to your in box.

At LoveDoingYoga we send our patrons 3 brand new practices every week. We record this Yoga sessions in our Studio in Kilpedder, Co. Wicklow. We hope you enjoy this session and decide to become a patron. If you aren’t interested in supporting us do subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be kept informed when we release new sessions there.

This session is great for your core – and will help you stay strong


Short Practice – Gentle Flow

A nice slow flow to wake you up gently on a Sunday morning. Watch out for the spider at the start!

This was a sample practice we did on our Facebook page – we hope you enjoy it and see why we love doing yoga.

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Try a LIVE Practice

This Sunday (Sept 27th) Love Doing Yoga are offering everyone an opportunity to sample a live 20 min yoga practice with Jill absolutely FREE. We will stream live to our facebook page at 10 am where anyone on Facebook can enjoy this event.

So find yourself a space on the floor where you can stream the practice on your device. Mat, Yoga block and water are extras you may consider important but don’t make excuses as to why you can’t try the practice.

Where: On our Facebook Page

When : Sunday, Sept 27th

Time: 10 am (IST)

This event is only available live to non patrons – it will be accessible to all our patrons on demand.

About Love Doing Yoga

Love Doing Yoga, which started in March 2020 during the COVID Lockdown, want to bring live regular yoga practice to women over 45. We stream live yoga every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The practices are accessible to patrons from just €5 per month. More details are here


Short Practice

Here’s some info on how LoveDoingYoga works and a short sample practice to enjoy. Grab a mat, find a quiet space and press play.

One minute introduction from Jill

Practice Times

At LoveDoingYoga we have 3 practices every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As a Patron you can practice with us any time that suits you as all practices are available to our patrons at any time. The practices vary in length and are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Enjoy a short practice now.

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Meditation on Sound – Bonus

Relax on your mat and enjoy this short bonus meditation on sound.

Let us know if you liked it and if you want more.

This is a free sound meditation that lasts 10 minutes. To enjoy it best lie or sit down (on your bed is good) in a peaceful room and press play.

Sound mediations are a great way to relax and unwind.  As a patron of LoveDoingYoga we send you little gifts in addition to what you sign up for. 

Heard enough?

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