(AI)Poems for Yoga

Jill loves the Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh so I thought it would be fun to ask the AI application ChatGPT to compose a poem using his style. Check out what it came up with:-

Down on the mat where I find my ease,
With each pose, I feel my heart unfurl,
As love and yoga become one in me,
A dance of spirit, body, and soul.

Each stretch and movement brings a new chance,
To deepen the bond between us two,
As love flows in each posture and stance,
And yoga brings me closer to you.

In Warrior II, we stand strong and sure,
As we face the challenges of life,
Our love a shield that keeps us secure,
In the face of worry, stress, and strife.

And when we come to the final pose,
Our bodies resting, calm and at peace,
Our love a blanket that softly enfolds,
As we release into the sweet release.

Oh, love and yoga, a perfect pair,
Together, we find strength and care.

Sure I was on a roll – What about Heaney:

In quiet spaces, where the light is dim,
I find my way onto the yoga mat,
To sink into the practice, deep within,
And leave behind the daily grind and chat.

With each inhale and exhale of my breath,
I feel my body, mind and spirit blend,
As if the rhythm were a kind of death,
And life anew, with every stretch and bend.

And yet, this stillness is a kind of force,
That pulls me towards a stronger sense of peace,
As if the movements, with each fluid course,
Could somehow bring my restless thoughts release.

In this practice, I find a deeper way
To be present, and live my life each day.

And then a sonnet in thestyle of the bard himself, Shakesspeare

When heavy thoughts and worries do abound,
And life's great pressures weigh upon my mind,
I find my solace on my yoga mat found,
And leave my worldly cares and fears behind.

With steady breath and focus, I begin,
To stretch and bend and twist my limbs with grace,
As every movement feels like medicine,
And every asana brings a sense of peace.

The warrior pose, with grounded feet and strength,
Reminds me of the power I possess,
While downward dog, with lengthened spine at length,
Helps me let go of all my restlessness.

So let me come unto my mat each day,
And find my center in this peaceful way.

What do you think of AI’s efforts?

Whatever you think about AI there is no artifical way to learn more about yourself. Only you can do that and Yoga can help you.