Practice May 20th

In case you missed the live practice last night here it is.

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Join Jill as she leads you in an Introductory Yoga Course.

From our studio in Greystones in Wicklow we have prepared this free course so you can sample some Yoga and decide if LoveDoingYoga’s practice style is one you would like (or maybe even love)

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Live Yoga Practice – May 1st 2020

Jill went live with a practice.  This practice, which concentrates on the back, is in preparation for the long holiday weekend when some of you may be doing DIY or Gardening.

LoveDoingYoga is live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm on Facebook

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I’m in lockdown in Milano Day 13 … things getting pretty grim here … Jill’s class just brought back a little perspective to my grey mood. Thanks Jill 😃 Siobhan