Do we offer a trial?

LoveDoingYoga provides something better than a 14 day trial.

At 62 cent per practice we believe LoveDoingYoga is excellent value but I would say that wouldn’t I. A fiver is a fiver and you don’t know what your are getting so maybe the money is holding you back from joining us. Let me try and put your mind at ease. We don’t offer free trials but when we set up our patronage system we decided that we would only charge people on the first of each month. We saw this as fairer and less confusing.What this means for you is that you could become a patron after the 3rd of the month, join the group and if you decided it was a terrible mistake – cancel your pledge before before the end of the month.

If you do we won’t charge you a penny.

So while we don’t officially offer trials we offer much better value by being open and transparent.

I’m in!

You have read enough and you want to start the trial that isn’t actually a trial – no problem. Just click on the Patreon button and you can become a patron of LoveDoingYoga right away and be on the mat today.