Get together LoveDoingYoga

We are on Zoom

We want to build a great community where you can enjoy and grow as a person with our yoga practice. Our zoom offering is just our latest improvement.

As you may know we stream quality yoga practices on Facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. These are sent to our patrons and they can access them at anytime on their favourite device – mobile, laptop or desktop.

Our yoga package really suits the majority of people. It is great value and Jill offers clear, precise instructions and alternative poses depending on your yoga experience.

We are aware that some might welcome the ability to have instructions direct from Jill as she teaches – for this reason we have tested a system and are happy to introduce a zoom option on our tiers. To ensure quality there are only 20 Zoom packages available.

In addition we have decided today to have a patron’s zoom call every month. On this call patrons can come on and ask questions, make suggestions or give feedback. We will email patrons details of the zoom rooms as they happen.

At LoveDoingYoga we continually try to think of ways that will improve your experience of Yoga and our bonus offerings. If you have any suggestion please reach out to us via zoom, messenger or email.

Look forward to seeing you all on the mat soon.