LoveDoingYoga Newsletter

Hi and welcome to our October newsletter.

We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the autumnal sunshine.

We want to update you on a few new initiatives here in LoveDoingYoga.

The first is Rooms – 

We’d love to get to know our patrons better and be able to put faces to the names so we’ll be opening a room in our Facebook Group at  7.05pm (just after practice) till about 7.20.  Drop in and say hello, it will be a great opportunity to ask questions and give us feedback on how we can improve our service to you.

Here’s a link to the room for tonight and the link will also be on our Facebook Group page. 

We started Zoom classes last week for our €20 patrons – these classes are on every Monday from 7.15-8.15. Because Zoom is so interactive it means I can tailor the practice to suit each individual and help with poses etc. If you’d like to upgrade your package to this level just go to the tiers section on patreon.

Did you know that the supine twist we do at the end of most of my practices is excellent for calming your nervous system. It can help cultivate a sense of being grounded by releasing your body weight down into the floor and activates the rejuvenating “rest and digest” part of your nervous system.

That’s all the news for now – hope to meet a few of you tonight in the Facebook Room.


Jill and Alan